Be part of the beginning Pre-Order your Handi Hose.


Handi Hose will be offering eager Early Birds the chance to Pre-Order a Handi Hose before they are available to the public. 

 ONLY  10,000 units will be made available  during  the  Indiegogo campaign.

What You Get With Your Handi Hose

Our Universal Cap with Clip for Hose


Just screw off your old cap and replace with ours!  The built in holder / clip will secure the hose when not in use. 

Ergonomic Spigot


Use it like a regular garden hose.

Ergonomic Spigot


Can also be used with index finger and thumb. 

The Whole Kit


  • Our Universal cap 
  • Our Spigot
  • 3 Ft. of durable clear hose.


Handi Hose works with ALL large detergent containers

How to use your Handi Hose

Handi Hose is best for :

All Large Detergent Bottles


MOST people don't know that ALL laundry detergent makers use the same cap. Which is why Handi Hose is able to work with EVERY large bottle of laundry detergent.

People who have trouble lifting


 With the Handi Hose system. Once you set you large bottle of laundry detergent on a shelf you never have to move it AGAIN !

People Who Hate the Messy Cup


 Have a Front-Loader? And NEVER any way to wash-out the laundry detergent cup? 

Handi Hose eliminates the need for a cup.

People who hate spigot leaks


Does your laundry detergent always end up running all over your shelf's or the top of your washer?  Are you tired of cleaning it up?  With Handi Hose NEVER use a cup AGAIN !

Clean Freaks


We made this for you!......with Handi Hose with it's BUILT-IN CLIP.  You can set your laundry detergent on a shelf and keep that neat & clean look all the time.

They ALL use the SAME cap!


Every manufacture of larger bottles of laundry detergent all use the same cap. Handi Hose will work on them all and it's re-usable. 


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